The world's richest country is hiring foreigners!! 😍

A 2-hour Masterclass on Luxembourg and France, which covers everything from Immigration, Visa Sponsorships, Job Application , and Life there!

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What You Will Learn?

Learn about
10+ Immigration
Pathways of Luxembourg and

How to build a resume that can get you interviews in reputed companies 

How to navigate Job Market to get a visa sponsorship job accordingly

Ins and outs of the employment market in Luxembourg and France from our mentors

Upsides and downsides of moving to Luxembourg and France

Understand how interviews take place in countries like Luxembourg and France

Who is this Course for?

Not sure which country to move to?

The masterclass offers an overview of whether the Luxembourg or France is the perfect fit for you.

Are you a student or working professional who wants to relocate to the Luxembourg or France, but unsure about the country's conditions?

This masterclass provides insider information about the Luxembourg and France.

Want to understand the immigration process?

The masterclass provides a detailed understanding of the Luxembourg's and France's immigration, whether you plan to relocate now or in the future.

Seeking Visa Sponsorship for your relocation?

This masterclass will assist you in understanding how to navigate the job market and secure visa sponsorship jobs in Luxembourg and France.


What our previous students are saying...

The masterclass really helped me figure out how to move to the UK and find a job. It made the confusing stuff simple, and I learned how to make my job application stand out. The tips about daily life in the UK were awesome! Now, I'm all set for my big adventure in Europe!

- Riya Mukherjee

I used to think working in Ireland was just a dream, but the masterclass by Globalogy changed everything. They explained visas and job stuff in a way that made sense. The stories and tips felt real, not just boring facts. Now, I'm feeling ready to turn my dream into reality in Ireland!

-  Akshat

I can't believe that I am moving to Europe. I took up the Go Global and LinkedIn Masterclasses last year. The tips given by Nidhi were superb. I used the exact strategies to get noticed by recruiters, and it worked. I am so glad that I took up the masterclass. Would recommend everyone!!

- Fasna Shoukath

FREE Bonuses worth ₹20K!

Detailed and thorough understanding  of your situation as an immigrant

Session will feature 4 professionals who moved to Luxembourg & France on sponsored visas

List of 50+ recruitment agencies to look for jobs along with updated course materials, employment listings, CV template, etc.

Move to Luxembourg or France


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Meet The Mentor

Nidhi Nagori

I have been offering advice on careers abroad and related topics on social media for some time now.

While social media is phenomenal, your queries made me realize we needed a deeper dive in many topics.

Through this space, I intend to connect you with adequate knowledge and resources to enable YOU to have a glorious career and a happy life wherever you choose to be.

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1800+ Students Have Attended our Masterclasses

In this live masterclass, you'll learn

How to Prepare your CV
and Resume?

How to Prepare for

How to Apply for Jobs in
Luxembourg and France?

How to Network with

And Much.. much more

Taught by  Nidhi Nagori


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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure where to move. Will this course give me clarity about the Luxembourg and France?

Yes, you will learn everything about the Luxembourg and France, which will help you make informed decisions about your future move.

I don't know the Luxembourg's and France's resume format. Will this course help me create one?

We’ll share the resume format, which you can use to create one for yourself.

Will I be able to find jobs and apply?

Yes, we will give you a list of 50+ job portals that have more than 50K  jobs currently open.

What is duration of the course availability for watching?

You can access the course for three months after purchasing it.

How can I claim a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not have a refund policy. You can access the course whenever you want for 3 months.

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